• Time of arrival: after 3 PM
  • Time to return keys: before midday

If the keys have not been returned before midday, an extra night will be charged.


A deposit representing the full rental fee should be paid. The contract will not be signed until we have received this sum and the signed reservation agreement, and until we have confirmed your reservation.


The balance of payment should be paid no less than 60 days before your arrival. If the balance is not received by ISLAND CHIC VILLA by this deadline, ISLAND CHIC VILLA has the right to cancel the reservation, without affecting their rights of claiming cancellation fees, and to keep the deposit. For reservations made less than 60 days before the date of arrival, the client should pay the total cost of the rental at the time of reservation.


The parties agree between themselves that if a Client wishes to cancel the reservation in total or in part, or if the reservation is cancelled by ISLAND CHIC VILLA for default of payment, ISLAND CHIC VILLA thus has a right to the full price of the rental.

If a Client wishes to cancel his reservation altogether or partially, or if the reservation is cancelled by ISLAND CHIC VILLA for non-payment, ISLAND CHIC VILLA will retain the percentage following by the gross price of rental:

  • 60 days prior to arrival: 20% of the gross amount of the rental
  • Between 59 and 30 days prior to arrival: 30% of the gross amount of the rental
  • Less than 29 days prior to arrival: 100% of the gross amount of the rental


During the Holiday Season « Christmas and New Year» between December 15th and January 10th (the following year), the cancellation policy is as follows:

  • 90 days prior to arrival: 30% of the gross amount of the rental
  • Less than 89 days prior to arrival: 100% of the gross amount of the rental

The cancellations must be made in writing and sent to ISLAND CHIC VILLA by e-mail.

A reimbursement will not be given if the client fails to arrive, for late arrivals, for changes made after arrival to the number of people in the Client’s party, and for early departures.

In case of force majeure, which is an exceptional, unforeseeable, irresistible and external event, which cannot be dealt with, ISLAND CHIC VILLA commits itself to propose to its client a postponement of the stay, a credit note valid for 18 months or a refund of the totality of the sums which have been paid (excluding bank charges). 

Illnesses, accidents, disruption of transport, etc., are not considered as a case of force majeure. ISLAND CHIC VILLA informs and recommends to its clients that they have the possibility of taking out travel insurance.

Covid-19 :

« Force majeure » is applied in the event that the client would be unable to travel due to the consequences of the resurgence of the pandemic such as: government measures limiting transportation; national or international travel restrictions; border closures and/or confinement in the country of departure or in Saint-Barthélemy; closure of airports in the country of departure or in Saint-Barthélemy.

« Force majeure » does not apply if the customer tests positive before traveling or cannot travel for medical reasons related to COVID-19. ISLAND CHIC VILLA reminds its clients that they have the possibility of taking out travel insurance and recommends it even more in view of the current health situation.


Although it is unlikely that ISLAND CHIC VILLA will make changes to confirmed agreements, it may occur on occasion for reasons beyond their control. ISLAND CHIC VILLA will inform the client as soon as possible. If, for reasons beyond their control ISLAND CHIC VILLA is not able to provide the property which has been booked, they reserve the right to transfer the client to another similar villa.

However, if this is not possible or if the Client does not want to be transferred, ISLAND CHIC VILLA will cancel the reservation and reimburse the sum which they would have been paid for the villa. ISLAND CHIC VILLA will not be held at all responsible for any payments of travel cancellation fees.


Changes of villa during the Client’s vacation on the island are not permitted unless there is a legitimate reason, such as major construction or a serious technical problem in the villa. ISLAND CHIC VILLA will carry out these changes to the best of their ability.


The number of rooms rented, and the number of people authorized in the villa is limited to the agreed number of people and rooms, and for which a payment has been made, commonly based on 2 people per room. If a group arrives that is larger than the number expected then a payment will be made immediately for each additional person or the group will have to leave the villa, without a reimbursement being made. Exceptions can only be made for children of a young age, if they sleep in a crib and do not occupy a bed in the villa.


A security deposit will be held or an authorization to use the credit card will be given in order to cover any additional damages and costs. If the client is unable to settle any charges on return of the keys and before his departure, he will authorize ISLAND CHIC VILLA to debit from his credit card recorded on file all the unpaid expenses demanded by the representative and by ISLAND CHIC VILLA (including the balance due for the villa rental, telephone charges, cost of breakages and any others) during the Client’s vacation. ISLAND CHIC VILLA will not take responsibility for payment of any services provided to the Client by a third party.


The Client signing this contract is responsible for his own and his vacation party’s reasonable and acceptable behavior. The Client and the other occupants accept to behave in a manner so as not to damage the rental property. If the client does not respect the property ISLAND CHIC VILLA is able to ask him, as well as the other occupants, to vacate the villa.


All valuable possessions left unattended in the villa by the Client will be at his own risk. Neither ISLAND CHIC VILLA or the villa owners (nor their employees) will be held responsible in the case of loss or theft.


Travel insurance, owner’s insurance or other insurance policies are available and will be able to cover you against any unforeseen grave circumstances and for any delays which could interrupt, delay or cancel your travel plans. The appropriate cover should be subscribed at the time of reservation. The Client’s signature on the registration form confirms that the client is aware of the existence of such insurance and that he has subscribed adequate cover for this reservation.


Our descriptions of our properties are to our knowledge accurate and made in good faith. ISLAND CHIC VILLA will strive to respond to the demands of the Client throughout the length of the contract, but will refuse to be responsible for those problems over which it has no control, such as default on behalf of the suppliers of water, gas or electricity. However, ISLAND CHIC VILLA will do all that is possible to see that these problems will be resolved as soon as they are notified.

If the Client encounters any problems during his vacation, he should inform ISLAND CHIC VILLA immediately. It is not possible for ISLAND CHIC VILLA to ask the property owner for any reparations after the Client has vacated the villa if the Client did not inform ISLAND CHIC VILLA during his vacation.

Claims made after the Client has left the villa will not be taken into consideration. If the Client leaves the villa without authorization of ISLAND CHIC VILLA he will lose all his rights for a reimbursement or a discount. No reimbursement will be made, except in the case of a serious problem not being resolved within 24 hours or one which causes the Client extreme or excessive inconvenience or significant annoyance.


The Client agrees to waive all claims and not hold ISLAND CHIC VILLA, its managers, administrators, employees, representing agents, villa owners and representatives responsible in the case of bodily harm or death of the Client resulting from inhabiting and using the villa or the pool (if applicable), except in the case of extreme default.

The Client also accepts that this contract is governed by French law and is interpreted accordingly for all claims made against ISLAND CHIC VILLA.


If any term of this contract violates any applicable law or legal rule, that law or rule prevails but only to the extent necessary for this particular matter, and in this case the provision which is in violation is null and void, whereas the other provisions remain in force, whereby, the parties will endeavor to replace this provision which violates a law or a rule by a provision agreed between them, in order to maintain the balance of the contract as far as possible.